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                    Portland, Oregon 97217-0126
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                    December 16, 1986

                    Mark S. Stevens, Ind.
                    8076 River Road N
                    Salem, Oregon 97303
                    (503) 393-4120
                    FAX (503) 393-0844

                    Attention: Mr. Mark Stevens

                    Subject: Inspection and testing performed on chimney caps.

                    Item: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, & 12-inch Class A, Class B, L Vent and stainless liner.
                    I.D.: Wind directional Class A Wind directional clay liner and replacement rain top.

                    TESTS: UL-103-83
                   Section 7.0 chimney caps:

                    7.1      Debris Rain                                                                                          Passes
                    7.2      Obstruction of Flue-Gas or cooling air passages                             Passes
                    7.3      Removable and replaceable with hand tools                                     Passes
                   Section 26 Rain Test:
                    26.1  Water entering passage, 2%                                                                  Passes
                   Section 31 Acid Resistance Test:
                    31.1   Sulfur                                                                                                        Passes

                    TESTS: UL-1482-83
                   Section 17:
                   17.10   Net area of chimney cap arrester                                                         Passes
                   17.11   Screen size or 1                                                                              Passes

                   ADDITIONAL TESTS: (Beyond UL)
                    STRENGTH TEST: - 100 pounds                                                                    Passes
                    WIND TEST: 50 mph (This is not a limitation)                                             Passes
                    SALT SPRAY TEST: - 72 hrs                                                                          Passes
                   BURN TIME: - 95 hrs.                                                                                       Passes

                    It has been a pleasure serving you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.

                   Don Cave, Sales and Quality Control

                   (Report Number: 301378)






Our Premium Stainless Steel Caps are made of 100% type 304 Stainless steel for a lifetime protection against rust and corrosion (see our warranty).